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Bump is a data driven and creative thinking agency. We partner with our clients to improve performance of all things digital. Our web design services provide our partners with a fresh perspective.

Research says that if your site feels or looks old, there is an 89% chance your visitor will go and find a competitor elsewhere. Do you really want to take that chance?


Time To Strategize

Your website is your new age brick and mortar store. Therefore customers or clients don’t want to walk into an old, run-down store when they can pop over to the store next door on Google. So we walk our clients through building up and maintaining an exceptional online presence so they can be found and trusted in.


From simple landing pages to full blown e-Commerce sites. No matter the project, our design team can build out the sleekest and most functional site you could ever want. We keep a small team of designers and developers. Staying lean allows us to offer the most competitive design pricing.

New Website Projects 60%
e-Commerce Clients 30%
Landing Pages 10%

Digital marketing is a tricky game. Auctions are constantly changing and platforms such as Google, Facebook and Linkedin are constantly changing their algorithms. We help you strategize digital marketing campaigns based off of your companies sales, marketing and awareness objectives. PPC is a word touted by many but mastered by few.

Let us walk you through a sample marketing campaign that we would build out for your business. You tell us what you think about it? If you love it great we get to work together. If you hate it, hey at least you got a fresh perspective on how to switch things up!

Web Design Service

The year is 2019 and branding has never been as important as it is today. Brands resonate with customers and clients based on things like social media presence, top tier customer service and outside-the-box approach to their market share.

Branding and content creation is invaluable to both current and up and coming businesses. We work with your marketing teams to implement creative content throughout various marketing channels. This one is tailor made to your marketing objective and is arguably the most fun thing we do.

Crucial In 2019

Social media management? It sounds ridiculous and sort of bs. Well in reality companies are dedicating their marketing resources to managing and incorporating their social media managers with their marketing and sales goals. As a result, Instagram is morphing into a marketplace for retail and product sales. Therefore social media managers have to be aware of how they can create a sales funnel via social media.

We’ll help implement, schedule and curate social media posts that are specifically designed to catch your customers eye. Scheduling posts and PR engagement via social media is the new form of customer service. We’ll train and work with your team to optimize current social media efforts.

Social Media and Web Design

You have a marketing team and have no desire to bring in an outside marketing agency right? Not quite. Our team can work with your marketing or design departments to build out whole campaigns, optimize current ones or consult on things like website re-designs.

This is the most straight forward marketing approach to getting immediate help with your brand. Stuff like web design is kinda tough for a smaller business to handle in-house. We can go into the backend of your site to implement plugins, change the css or html, manage your CRM software. It’s like hiring a marketing director, except without paying for salaries and benefits!


If you are interested in talking to us about a new project, please send us a message.

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