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Digital Marketing Company. Why You Need One?

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Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs To Focus On The Customer.

The year is 2020 and businesses in America are trying to do some soul searching and figure out why their numbers are down across the board. Any digital marketing company thrives in this sort of environment. Face it, your sales are slow and it’s been like that for a few years. The statistics are showing that brands who lack online presence are significantly behind their digital competitors.

While the businesses above are slowly bleeding; hot new startups are capturing market share and disruption is everywhere. What can we learn from the new brands? Are they just flashes in a pan or do they have a legitimate shot at changing the world. Marketing companies in Los Angeles are hearing the loud whining noise of the companies hiring them to consult. The result is an elephant and that requires one bite at a time. Let’s discuss the first bite, traditional marketing strategies. 

Digital Marketing. The Fundamentals

Your brand needs to fundamentally change the way it thinks about consumer marketing. Selling Navajo necklaces on a simple Shopify site? Starting a yoga studio with your best friend? Building your brand image, it’s a now tried and true marketing strategy. It is fundamental that you start focusing resources and time on your digital presence. Digital marketing can sometimes feel like a gimmicky term. I’ll go as far as saying that it is now one of the most important positions in any B2C (business to consumer) business. B2B (business to business) brands can benefit as well but that’s for another time. 

Consumers Are Smart

Furthermore, as a digital marketing company, we have a vested interest in helping brands improve their digital understanding and approach. It starts with the first thing your customer will see as a representation of your business. Your Website.

As a result, aesthetic and content is king, young brands know this but the older dogs are a little tougher to teach. Look at this article on the Hootsuite blog about content.

Digital Marketing Content

It can get a little murky when they are looking for the ROI or the tangible benefit to re-designing their website or social media pages. Which is understandable, but similarly as a young consumer I want to come to quick website where I don’t have to look too long. While Margaret in the customer service department is being extra shady today; guess what? I’m taking my business elsewhere. In 2019 a brands legitimacy is perceived through the lens of things like social media presence, website, return policy. These things are deal breakers and it is our job as a marketing agency to inform all of our clients about the ever changing world of business and marketing. 

We are a digital marketing agency who prides itself in the ability to diagnose flaws in your companies marketing approach and provide solutions. . If you have questions on how your company can improve and generate more revenue, the least you could do is give us a call and bounce some ideas off of us. 


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